Our music, your story

With over 7,000 tracks of easy-to-clear production music spanning every musical genre thinkable, we have the music that tells your story. Composed by real humans in real studios and useable immediately.

Composition and Sound Design

Robots can't do it yet

We write brilliant custom soundtracks to tell your story. With over 20 composers, we can create multiple demos to find the perfect song for you. Fast. On Budget.

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Mixing and Fixing

Knobs won't twiddle themselves
Whether your story plays on stadium screens or in the palm of someone’s hand, we make it sound amazing. If disaster happens in the field, we can save your a$$ with audio restoration. Photoshop for Audio.

Search and Licensing

Google is hard
You have your creative brief. Now you need the perfect song. We’ll search, make recommendations, and even cut to picture. We’re skilled in the dark art of licensing and negotiation, so we advise on budgets and oversee clearance start-to-finish.

Make Some Noise

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Where to send scotch

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San Rafael, CA 94901

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