It could be worse

Hello fellow procrastinators,

I gotta tell you, I love to bitch. I was BORN to do it.   I can go from zero to insufferable snark faster than the new Tesla can make a passenger shit their seat.     I’m the friend people refer to as Bitchy McBitcherson behind his back.  If you haven’t guessed: I’m a classic bitcher.

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Greetings victims of boredom,

This title above is the famous quote from Steve Martin, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, George Carlin, Frank Zappa, or Thelonius Monk depending on what day you look up its origin on Wikipedia.   The meaning is pretty clear: don’t talk about music fuckface, just make it.   But more people read about music on the internet than actually listen to it, so why not throw my own fedora into the tedious ring of armchair critics spawned in the wake of American Idol’s last 15 seasons? Plus, I’m on a wicked compositional dry spell and the owners pay me hourly to bang on a keyboard ($5.75 with tips).   So they’ve agreed to let me try my luck with the QWERTY variety.

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Make Some Noise

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