John McDermott

Professional Knob Twister
  • Can accomplish in a 2 minute song what takes other composers 3 minutes
  • Celebrates the entire Michael Bolton catalog
  • Has many leather bound books
  • Feels that Nickelback is really not that bad
  • Guitarist and founding member of Stroke 9. Signed to Universal, selling over 1 million records

Christian Hanlon

Chief Chord Plucker
  • Can Play Axel F on the Piano
  • Once Met Judith Light of “Who’s the Boss?” fame
  • Smelt it, but was not the one who had dealt it
  • 12 Years as Executive Producer of Global Brand Audio Solutions at Guthy-Renker and Nestlé Skin Health

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Our staff of audio acolytes can be found in every corner of the globe, ready to serve up the most wicked-rad beats and sultry staccatos at a moment's notice. Talent knows no borders, and we proudly employ a host of musicians spanning multiple continents. Whether your production requires a world-class composer, a vagabond virtuoso, or Pip farting on a snare drum,[1] Temp Love will deliver the majesty of song with aplomb.

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